Redesign Teams Update

Career Scope

In response to the Governor’s charge, Employment Security Department (ESD) decided to redesign employment services (Job Search) for WorkFirst participants.  With the mounting costs of generational poverty and its long-term impacts to children, putting WorkFirst participants to work was no longer enough.  A new approach to employment services was needed that built on lessons learned and shifted away from a traditional one-size-fits-all (transactional) approach to an individualized participant centered (transformational) approach.  The goal being to do more to engage participants in value added activities that meet them where they are and increase their likelihood of employment.  In addition, the new model aims to do more to stay connected with families over time to provide retention services and supports to help move them out of poverty permanently. ESD began piloting Career Scope in six WorkSource offices in July 2011.

Below are two documents that outline the Career Scope Program:

2010 Redesign Teams

Redesign Teams Overview

Input Considered by Redesign Teams