Stakeholder Engagement

Adapting WorkFirst for the 21st Century Economy of Washington State

Opportunities for Engagement

  • From June through October 2010, the WorkFirst Subcabinet received input and ideas from a wide variety of sources -- including current and former participants, frontline staff from the WorkFirst partner agencies, Tribes, legislators, legislative staff, community partners, business community, and other stakeholders.
  • There were many different ways in which input was sought and provided, ranging from a formal ‘One Table’ group process to informal focus groups where TANF participants spoke directly with the DSHS Secretary and other members of the WorkFirst redesign teams.
  • Some members of the redesign teams also engaged employers in the business sector and held statewide in-person and interactive video conferencing meetings with staff and participants. 
  • Over 1,100 people responded to an online client survey and a special e-mail box for WorkFirst staff and community partners that was set up to collect redesign ideas and opinions.
  • More information about the participants, dates, and locations of these stakeholder engagement events is available in this summary document.

Input Considered by Redesign Teams